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Slate Roof Installation

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

This is a natural slate roof I installed using a hook fixing method. It was a roof replacement project where I replaced an old wood shake roof with slate. Both wood shingles and slate give a great natural aesthetic to a home. Slate shingles have the additional benefit of being fire resistant and one of the longest lasting roofing materials.

A roofer can install slate with nails or hook fixing. With the hook fixing method shown here, the hooks are nailed onto the battens instead of the slate. Once the hooks are fixed onto the roof, the slate is inserted into place. When properly installed hook fixing prevents any wind uplift and rattling movements.

As an experienced roofer in installing slate roofs, I am aware of the fragility of slate to any motion pressure. It requires proper handling when installing to avoid any cracks or breaks. A consistent course installation that is properly distributed is vital to prevent any gaps that may lead to leaks. A slate roofing systems durability depends greatly on its installer.

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