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Boral Saxony Slate Tile Roof Installation

This is a roof replacement project I completed where I replaced the flat tile and flat roof with new. This home had a very interesting roof design with a flat roof surrounding a pyramid shaped roof at the center. I installed APP Torch on the flat areas of the roof and installed Boral Saxony Slate, a flat profile concrete tile, for the pitched area of the roof.

Although slate is a popular material for roofs due to its natural stone aesthetic and long lifespan, Boral Saxony tile can be an accessible slate alternative for homeowners. Boral Saxony Slate tile emulates the appearance of slate and is available in a variety of colors to fit the design concepts homeowners may have in mind.

Boral Saxony Slate tile and other alternatives available on the market, can provide the slate look to a home that may otherwise be unable to support the weight of real slate. The structural design of the roof and its rafters determine whether a home is built to support the weight of real slate.

Slate alternatives can also help homeowners reduce the short term and up front costs of a roof replacement project. This makes products like Boral Saxony Slate and slate alternatives an accessible product by fitting homeowner’s specific design preferences and budgets.

For this project, the stone colored Boral Saxony Slate tile complemented well with the flat design of the surrounding roof. The flat tile cut also added to the stepped shape of the pyramids design. Overall it blends well by complementing the sharp lines of the flat while adding geometric texture as a focal point of the roof.


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