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Geodesic Shingle Roof Installation

This was a memorable roof replacement project because it combined many of the technical skills required on different type of roofs into one. It had sections with flat areas, traditionally pitched areas, and a geodesic dome.

The geodesic dome is made up of many triangular planes that create a sturdy and more energy efficient structure. With fewer flat surfaces, the wind easily moves around the home outside. Inside, the improved air circulation from the dome shape helps regulate temperature.

Despite the structure’s cost effectiveness in comparison to a traditional box home, when replacing a roof, a geodesic dome is a more expensive and time consuming project.

Similar to steep pitched roofs, a geodesic dome roof will require custom flashings and skylights to fit the roof shape. Most importantly, their custom fabrication and proper installation by an experienced roofer give the roof a water tight seal.

To install the shingles and underlayment at the domed area, I made use of roof jacks to create a walkable stable surface. The underlayment and shingles are installed in segmented triangular sections that are meticulously overlapped to protect the roof from leaks.

For this project I used a waterproof underlayment with a self adhesive on the dome. You can see the grey colored underlayment on the last triangular plane of the dome. As you can see from the picture I overlapped a couple inches of shingles from the previously completed plane to better shed water from the converging seam areas.

The shingles used for installation are CertainTeed Landmark shingles in the color silver birch. The final layer of shingles on a roofing system help direct and shed water off the roof. Because of the way wind blows on a geodesic roof, I give extra attention to the installation of the courses of shingles making sure they are properly fastened and overlapped to prevent wind blowing through them.

If you look at the picture of the completed dome roof, you can see how the lines and courses of shingles appear to run straight across the different roof planes, regardless of the different slopes or angles of the roof. This attention to detail and level of uniformity is both aesthetically pleasing and ensures water is properly directed off the roof.

Because I used a waterproof underlayment and installed the shingles in such a meticulous manner, ridge or metal flashings at the converging seams were not required. Without ridge or metal flashings at the seams, the angular polygon shape of the dome is reduced. This creates smoother transitions between the different shapes of the roof.

By working with an experienced roofer, homeowners can stay true to the design and aesthetic of their home and feel secure that their roof will last for years to come.

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Unknown member
Jul 15, 2022

Always wanted to do a dome

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