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Mission Viejo Shingle Roof Installation

This is a shingle roof replacement project I completed in the city of Mission Viejo. The design of this two story home makes the roof a focal point as the surface area of the roof rivals the size of the home’s facade.

For this project I replaced the old roof with new CertainTeed Landmark shingles in the color Heather Blend. It is an architectural laminate roofing shingle that calls back to the color and texture of a weathered cedar shake shingle. In the case of this home, the shingle color and texture complemented the wood siding and green trim.

To start the project the old roof was torn off and discarded. The roof had a few areas where plywood sheathing had to be replaced due to deterioration from past leaks. In this picture you can see an example of three areas where the wood was replaced. Sometimes, improper installation or just time and weathering are the reason behind leaks.

Here you see I replaced wood by the 2nd story window. This area is where the small flat area by the window meets the sloped roof of the first story. In addition, this area experiences water flow from water running off the roof above. The large quantities of water along with any small gaps at the seams of the sloped roof and flat would cause a leak leading to the water reaching the sheathing and wearing it down.

Another example is at the right corner edge above the 2nd story window. This area experienced water saturation due to improper installation on the previous roof. On roof designs without overhang, it is vital that shingles are installed properly to ensure that water flows off the roof and does not pool at edges or walls. Here the shingles were not properly set to extend slightly past the roof edge. This led to water pooling at the roof edge before dripping to the roof below.

The third spot on the 2nd story roof could have developed for a number of reasons. Something as simple like time and weathering, an exposed nail on the shingles, or a nail between the seams of two shingles.

Once any plywood sheathing has been replaced and the city has cleared the roof inspection, I install a new layer of tar paper underlayment to cover the entire roof area. At the small flat roof area by the window, I applied a Nailable Base and SA CAP manufactured by CertainTeed and marketed as Flintlastic. This project also required a custom 4x6 gravel guard for the flat window area. Finally, I installed all new flashings as required, paying extra attention to these penetration areas on the roof. When I installed the shingles I ensured they had a proper overlap and fastening. The new Heather Blend shingles covered the entire sloped roof area and extended slightly past the roof edge, ensuring water would not pool at any roof edges.

When the project was completed the textured Heather Blend roof added to the sage green coloring of the facade. The brown and green earth tone colors of the home blended well with the maintained garden at the front, adding and expanding a green space that is so often drowned out by the sea of white and grey cement colors of suburban neighborhoods.

Suburban communities may have homes that are built with identical designs, but a homeowners choice of color and material can still make theirs stand out from the rest. An experienced roofer can help a homeowner find options that fit their needs and protect their investment with proper installation.


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