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Laguna Hills Cool Roof Shingle Installation

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

For this project, I completed a shingle roof replacement in Laguna Hills. Here the homeowner was interested in having CertainTeed Landmark Solaris Reflective shingles installed on their home. They selected the color Moire Black, which you can see pictured in this post.

If you think of commercial buildings, you typically think of their flat white roofs. In contrast, residential properties tend to have roofs with darker colors due to a preference in appearance and aesthetics. The white color of the roofs helps reflect sunlight while darker colors absorb. Compared to a standard shingle with an 8-10% infrared reflectivity, CertainTeed Solaris shingles can reflect from 20% up to 40% infrared light.

CertainTeed Landmark Solaris shingles allow residential buildings to have the beautiful dark-colored shingles homeowners favor with the reflective benefits that lighter roof colors provide. They help keep homes cooler by reflecting some of the sunlight’s infrared radiation and preventing its heat from being transferred to the home. By keeping homes cooler, Solaris shingles reduce cooling loads on buildings and help homeowners save on energy bills.

If you are interested in CertainTeed Solaris Shingles for your home, let us know so we can provide samples during our visit.


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