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Valley Area Slate Roof Repair

This was an area repair I worked on for a slate roofed home. This area of the home had a leak due to water pooling at the cricket and valley areas in this section of the home.

Slate tile is one of the most enduring materials for a sloped roof, but special attention during installation must still be given to areas where water or debris may collect.

The image shows the section of the home where the slate tile was temporarily removed and stacked. Although the cricket is not very visible from this angle, you can see the paper's darker color in the valley area where water has seeped through.

There was no wood replacement needed for this repair. New underlayment was installed at the repair area. At the valley and cricket area, I used an underlayment with a self adhesive to prevent water from pooling at the slightly flat areas. Finally the slate tiles were reinstalled and nailed to the area.

Despite the quality or durability of the material. Roofs require proper installation and maintenance to ensure the materials durability. Roof maintenance on a home will prevent debris buildup at vital areas like valleys, roof to wall, or flat areas on a home.

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