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Tile Roof Repair With Connecting Flat Roof Area

For this project, I completed an area repair for a section of the home which consisted of a flat area with a tile area surrounding it. This section of the home had a new addition completed and the adjoining area also required repair.

To start, the old flat roof was torn off and discarded. Meanwhile, the tile surrounding it was temporrily removed and stacked and the old tar paper underlayment was discarded. At the flat area I installed a 28 lb base sheet to cover the entire flat roof area. Finally I installed an APP CAP sheet for the final layer of the flat, using the torch down method. The torch layer was also applied at the wall areas of the flat to provide a water tight finish. For flashings, this project had a counter flashing installed at the chimney area, and required a custom made flashings for the windows at the wall area of the flat.

At the tile area, all deteriorated wood was replaced with new before (2) new layers of ASTM #30 underlayment was installed. A new valley metal was installed at the valley and then each existing tile was reinstalled into place with nails. A new bird stop was also installed at the tile edges around the flat. Finally, mortar was installed at the ridge area. New tile was installed at the addition to the home. You can see the difference through the patina and discoloration on the existing tile when compared to the new.


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