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Clay Tile Roofing Services & Repairs

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Two piece clay tile is common in Orange County. There are different type of installation methods, pictured here is an install with cement. Clay tile roofs need regular maintenance service, because the tiles are fragile and crack or break easily. When broken tiles are left unattended for extended periods of time, the tar paper underlayment below deteriorates quickly. With the underlayment torn, due to continuous moisture, the plywood sheathing is susceptible to wood rot.

Two Piece Clay Tile Installed with Cement
Clay Tile Roofs

Leaks are common in clay roof tiles that are not regularly serviced. During maintenance service, a qualified roofing contractor replaces cracked or broken tiles as necessary, reseals all flashings required, and applies new cement where needed.

Major leaks can be repaired by removing the existing tile temporarily, repairing wood rot, and installing a double layer system of ASTM #30 tar paper underlayment. In Orange County, clay tile roofs provide a great aesthetic to any neighborhood and are reliable when properly maintained.

In the photo to the right we completed a maintenance service by replacing broken tiles with new. Learn more about clay tile roof maintenance services by reaching out for a free quote.


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