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Valley Roof Area Repair

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

This is a roof area repair I completed in Corona, at a valley area of the home. The roof’s valley is where two different areas of the home meet. The two planes of the roof come together to channel water towards the valley metal and off the roof. The valley metal directs large amounts of water as the water rushing from the two areas converge.

At this particular home the valley area was not opened enough to properly divert the large amounts of water off the roof. As with any oversaturated areas, the excess water seeped passed the tiles, underlayment, and plywood.

To fix the leak at the area, I temporarily removed and stacked the tile so I could replace the underlayment and rotten plywood with new. I reinstalled the valley metal and most importantly cut the valley open by trimming the tiles that run along the metal. This creates more space for the large quantity of water that rushes through the area. With an open valley, the water can properly run its course through the metal and off the roof.

When completing area repairs, a roofer should give special attention to flashings and roof edges. It is vital that the seams which seal roofing systems together are water tight and can adequately channel both the quantity and the flow of water.


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