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Low-Profile Roof Tile Installation

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

For this home renovation project, I installed a new roof on an addition to a home. The homeowners expanded a section of their home and needed a new roof in the area. On new roofs, I coordinate with the general contractor to complete the installation.

In these types of projects, the general contractor sets the time table and the overall roof installation process takes place over a period of time. The larger the construction project the longer it may be before the tiles are finally installed on the roof. This means the installed underlayment may remain exposed for a few days before the tiles are finally installed.

I pay extra attention to the installation of the tar paper underlayment during these types of projects. Since the underlayment will be exposed to the open air and wind, it is important that it is properly secured and wont be lifted or blow off by the wind.

This new roof installation took about a week from the underlayment to tile installation. The underlayment was installed earlier to protect the drywall installation in case of rain. During this time I also had the low profile cement tiles ordered and delivered to match the existing roof. Contact us at Alas & Bravo if you need a quote for a new roof installation.


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