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Roof Replacment In City Of Orange

This shingle roof replacement project was completed in the city of Orange. I started with a multilayer tear off as the old roof consisted of wood shingles and asphalt shingles.

Some roofs have multiple layers because homeowners choose to lower costs by not removing old roofing layers with a reroof process commonly known as a re-cover. This is a method where the new asphalt shingles are installed over the existing roof. In this case the roof had had the asphalt shingles installed over wood shingles. Local city regulations determine the maximum number of layers permitted on a roof. For the city of Orange, it is two layers.

With the layers torn off and discarded, what remains are the wooden boards that made up the skipped sheathing. At this stage in the roof replacement process, I inspect the remaining boards and replace any that are too deteriorated. The first image shows what skipped sheathing on this home looks like after tear off.

A new layer of plywood sheathing is then installed over the entire roof area covering the skipped sheathing below. Here you can see the new plywood sheathing I installed on the roof and the rolls of ASTM #30 tar paper lined up for the next step in the roof installation.

What follows is the standard shingle roof replacement process. One layer of underlayment is installed over the new sheathing, along with the necessary edge metal and flashings system. Other work like installing valley metals and replacing vent and pipe flashings is also completed.

Finally the starter shingles are installed around the roof’s perimeter before I install the new asphalt shingles and ridge. I finish off the roof by sealing and painting all flashings and penetrations to match the color of the roof.

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